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    Any person owning property in the Towns of Oconomowoc or Ottawa; or the shoreland/floodland areas (generally 1,000 feet of a lake or 300 feet of a stream) in the Towns of Brookfield, Delafield, Eagle, Genesee, Lisbon, Merton, Mukwonago, Vernon or Waukesha may need to apply for, and receive, a Conditional Use Permit or amend an existing Conditional Use Permit prior to commencing the following types of projects or conducting the following uses on their property. If you have a question as to whether or not your property is within the County's zoning jurisdiction, please contact us with your tax key number and we will assist you.  A Conditional Use Permit may be required for the following types of projects or uses:

    New construction of, additions to, or remodeling of commercial, industrial, public, private units; towers; earth altering activities (grading, filling, ponds, berms, etc.); change in use; in-law units; quarries; churches; marinas; commercial truck parking; multi-family units; Planned Unit Developments; commercial and industrial uses; event barns; etc.