• Community Groups

    During the upcoming flu season, Community Groups and Faith Based Organizations will play an important part in assisting government agencies to prepare for and reduce the severity of a pandemic. One way to accomplish this is to communicate with the members of their organization the importance of preparing for illnesses or disasters of any kind and inform them of planning efforts currently in place.  Organizations will also need to assure they are properly prepared for disruption of normal operations and possible closure of facilities and services.  Many community organizations will also be called upon during a crisis to assist with volunteering and providing services to those in need.

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    Wisconsin's Pandemic Flu Resource - Community and Faith-Based Organizations

    General Pandemic Preparedness Information: Click on any of the following to open an outside link

    Faith-based and Community Organizations Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Checklist - Detailed checklist to assist religious and community organizations with planning for the impact of the pandemic, communicating and educating members and the public, allocating resources, setting up policies, and coordinating efforts with other organizations.

    Pandemic Flu Take the Lead: Working Together to Prepare Now - U.S. Government toolkit designed to provide community organizations with basic information about pandemic flu, ready-to-use resources prepared by The Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services, and ideas and materials to encourage your organization to prepare and encourage other leaders to get involved.

    It’s not Flu as Usual, Faith Based and Community Settings - Downloadable brochure from the Trust for America’s Health containing, information on maintaining a continuity of operations and services, working with health officials to minimize organizational disruption, and encouraging congregations and staff to take precautions to prevent the spread of the flu.

    Pandemic Influenza Issue Brief: Community and Faith-Based Organizations - Describes the importance of Community and Faith-Based Organizations roles in a pandemic, the potential impacts of a pandemic on these groups, and useful planning steps specific to these organizations to help them prepare.  Developed by the Trust for America’s Health.