Waukesha County

Adult Guardianship

Adult Guardianships are handled in the Probate Court and are filed in Room JC-103 at the reception desk at 521 Riverview Avenue.

A person (over the age of 17) who is unable to make decisions regarding matters related to every day living as a result of developmental disabilities, mental illness, brain injury, or infirmities of aging like dementia may need another person to assist him or her. A guardian is a person appointed by a court to provide this type of assistance to an individual (called the ward) or make decisions on behalf of the individual.

A guardian of the person would make decisions for the individual related to personal matters such as medical care, housing arrangements, and daily activities. A guardian of the estate would make decisions for the individual related to financial matters.

A guardianship is created by a court, and the guardian only has those powers that state law and the court specifically provide.

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 General Probate
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Local Court Rules and Practices

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Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 54  Direct link to the Wisconsin Statutes that pertain to guardianships.
Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 55 

Direct link to the Wisconsin Statutes that pertain to protective placements.

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