Waukesha County

Motion to Modify a Court Order or Judgment

When parties cannot agree to the details of an Order or Judgment that is currently in place, one of the parties may make a formal written request to the Court to make a decision as to whether their request will be granted or not. The party making the request must properly notify the other party (see the Service Packet below) of the court date. The parties will be given an opportunity to provide a legal argument and present their side of the story. Depending on the type of request and the arguments presented, the Court may make a decision at the first hearing or may require additional action by the parties and to make additional appearances.


  • If the issue is related to the income assignment for child support for the last or only child of a case, please click here.
  • If your are attempting to convert your legal separation to a divorce, please click here.

Below you will find the Instructions and all the forms you will need to get from the beginning to the end of this court process. You have the option to:

  • Print the forms in PDF or
  • Complete the Word Fillable forms on-line

Please keep in mind that not all forms are due at the same time. Review the Instructions (we recommend that you print it and keep it with your papers) to determine in what order to complete each form and other tasks required.

Hint: ONLY COMPLETE THE TASKS IN THE ORDER THEY ARE LISTED-Read ahead, but do not work ahead.


Modification Packet (When filing a Motion that includes Property Division please indicate this on the Motion)




  Instructional Guide
FA-4170V Notice of Motion and Motion to change: Legal Custody, Physical Placement, Child Support or Spousal Maintenance
FA-4138V Income and Expense Statement
Decision & Order on Motion or OTSC to: Change of Legal Custody, Physical Placement, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, Other
Exhibit Procedure for Family Court Commissioner Hearings

Motion to Relocate

FA-4178V Notice of Motion and Motion to Relocate with Minor Children
FA-4179V Objection to Relocate with Minor Children and Motion to Change Placement/Custody
  Exhibit Procedure for Family Court Commissioner Hearings