Waukesha County

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Getting the Forms & Instructions to File for Divorce/Legal Separation

You indicated in the last question that:

  • you and the other party have minor children together, a child may have been born to the wife during the marriage but is not the husband's, or that the wife may be pregnant.

If this is not the case, please go back.

Will you be filing Separately or will you and your spouse be filing Jointly?

Separately if:

  • Only one party must want to file for divorce, and
  • Only one party must sign the papers to start the divorce, and
  • Papers to start the divorce need to be personally served on the other party, and
  • An Order to Appear must be completed and personally served.

Jointly if:

  • Both parties agree to file for divorce, and
  • Both parties must be willing to sign the papers to start the divorce.
    • NOTE:
    • Papers to start the divorce do not need to be personally served, nor
    • Does an Order to Appear need to be completed or personally served.