Waukesha County

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Filing Instructions For Non-Earnings Garnishment in a Large Claims Matter

Non-Earnings Garnishment Forms
  • Garnishment summons and Complaint for Non-Earnings
  • Garnishee Answer for Non-Earnings

Garnishment summons and Complaint for Non-EarningsCV-301 

Garnishee Answer for Non-Earning CV-302 

  • There is a filing fee that is payable to the Clerk's office upon filing the paperwork. See Civil Division Filing Fees.
  • Large Claim matters do not have a Return Date.
  • The garnishment paperwork is filed in the existing civil case file. If the judgment was granted in another county and filed as a transcript of judgment in Waukesha County, a new civil case file will be opened.
  • Service of the paperwork on the debtor and garnishee is the creditor's responsibility. Service information is listed below.
  • In large claim non-earnings garnishment actions, the garnishee is to file an answer with the Clerk of Court's Office within 20 days of the date of service of the summons and complaint and also serve a copy of the answer upon the creditor/attorney.
  • It is the creditor's responsibility to prepare and file an Order to Garnishee for the court's approval. Form GF-105, Order to Garnishee/Release of Garnishee may be used. Creditor should provide sufficient copies of the Order for all parties as well as stamped, addressed envelopes for all the parties. If approved, the copies will be returned to the parties.