Total 2016 Equalized Property Taxes Levied in Waukesha County for 2017 Budget Purposes.

    To the right is the Waukesha County map, which identifies major municipalities.  At the bottom of the page is a chart, which shows tax rates.

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    Property Taxes identified are levied by elementary and high schools districts, municipalities, Waukesha County Technical College. Also included are property taxes for fire districts, lake districts, sanitary districts and special districts.

    These additional districts along with school districts that overlap municipal boundaries results in the sometimes numerous variations in property taxes within the same municipality.

    TownsEqual Rate per $1,000
    Town of Brookfield$13.79 - $14.95
    Town of Delafield$10.09 - $12.94
    Town of Eagle$11.29 - $13.48
    Town of Genesee$11.70 - $13.35
    Town of Lisbon$13.40 - $15.89
    Town of Merton$10.63 - $14.12
    Town of Mukwonago$13.39 - $14.15
    Town of Oconomowoc$11.97 - $15.44
    Town of Ottawa$11.49 - $13.99
    Town of Vernon$12.08 - $14.83
    Town of Waukesha$11.60
    CitiesEqual Rate per $1,000 
    City of Brookfield$15.20 - $16.29
    City of Delafield$13.13 - $15.59
    City of Muskego$14.19 - $15.51
    City of New Berlin$15.50 - $16.88
    City of Oconomowoc$15.95 - $16.04
    City of Pewaukee$12.46 - $14.04
    City of Waukesha$19.88
    VillagesEqual Rate per $1,000 
    Village of Big Bend$17.43
    Village of Butler$18.25 - $21.01
    Village of Chenequa$13.43 - $16.22
    Village of Dousman$17.62
    Village of Eagle$14.08 - $16.09
    Village of Elm Grove$17.07
    Village of Hartland$12.99 - $15.77
    Village of Lac La Belle$15.44
    Village of Lannon$14.24 - $16.99
    Village of Menomonee Falls$14.81 - $17.57
    Village of Merton$13.37 - $15.45
    Village of Mukwonago$17.62 - $18.36
    Village of Nashotah$13.15
    Village of North Prarie$13.71 - $15.20
    Village of Oconomowoc Lake$15.03
    Village of Pewaukee$15.94
    Village of Summit    $12.85 - $13.49
    Village of Sussex$15.28 - $17.51
    Village of Wales$14.98

    Important Notes:

    Property taxes identified are for equalized property values. Equalized value is the statutory full market value of all taxable property within each jurisdiction (except agricultural land is valued-based on income). Equalized values provide a means of comparing different jurisdictions, even if they are assessed at different percentages of market value.

    Information is for 2016 valuations which are taxed for 2017 budget purposes. Tax information does not include Lottery Credit. In 2016, the Lottery Credit was $42.44 - $147.19 depending on school district.