• The County Board's Seven Standing Committees

    Much of the county board’s work is conducted through the board's seven standing committees. The executive, finance and human resources committees deal with administrative policy matters. The judiciary and law enforcement, health and human services; land use, parks and environment and public works committees are concerned with policy matters affecting public services. 

    Committees review ordinances, resolutions, budgets and reports that may be forwarded to the board for approval.
    Supervisors also serve on boards, commissions and requests for proposals selection committees.

  • Executive Committee
    Paul L. Decker - Chair
    James A. Heinrich - Vice-Chair
    Christine M. Howard
    Larry Nelson
    David W. Swan - 2nd Vice-Chair
    Peter M. Wolff - Secretary 
    David D. Zimmermann

  • Finance Committee
    James A. Heinrich - Chair
    Timothy Dondlinger
    Thomas Michalski
    Richard Morris
    Duane E. Paulson - Vice-Chair
    Ted Wysocki
    William J. Zaborowski - Secretary

  • Health and Human Services Committee
    Christine M. Howard - Chair
    Robert L. Kolb - Secretary 
    Darlene M. Johnson
    Duane E. Paulson - Vice-Chair
    Jeremy Walz
    Chuck Wood
    William J. Zaborowski

  • Judiciary and Law Enforcement Committee
    Peter M. Wolff - Chair
    Jim Batzko 
    Michael A. Crowley 
    Kathleen M. Cummings - Vice-Chair
    Timothy Dondlinger
    Jennifer Grant - Secretary 
    Steve Whittow

  • Land Use Parks and Environment Committee
    David D. Zimmermann - Chair
    Kathleen M. Cummings
    Keith Hammitt - Secretary 
    Robert L. Kolb
    William Mitchell - Vice-Chair
    Thomas J. Schellinger
    Ted Wysocki

  • Human Resources Committee
    Larry Nelson - Chair
    Jim Batzko
    Michael A. Crowley - Vice-Chair
    Jennifer Grant 
    Thomas Michalski
    William Mitchell 
    Jeremy Walz - Secretary 

  • Public Works Committee
    David W. Swan - Chair
    Keith Hammitt - Vice-Chair
    Darlene M. Johnson
    Richard Morris - Secretary 
    Thomas J. Schellinger 
    Steve Whittow
    Chuck Wood