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Human Service Center
514 Riverview Ave.
Waukesha, WI 53188
Email: WC4Kidz@WaukeshaCounty.gov


Jennifer Mantei, Certifier
Phone No: 262-548-7250

Beth Treder, Certifier
Phone No.: 262-548-7897



Where can I get a list of certified family child care providers?
List of Family Care Providers


Where can i go for classes?

In the Classroom:
4C for Children
1805 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Milwaukee, WI 5312
Phone: 414-562-2650

Early Education Station
8634 W. National Ave, West Allis, WI 53227
Phone: 414-546-3960

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
505 Pine Ridge Dr. , Shell Lake, WI 54871
Phone: 1-800-243-9482 ext.5221

  • What to look for in a provider
    What to look for in a child care provider 

    • Regulated (certified or licensed) provider in the State of Wisconsin
    • Safe home environment
    • Approved training in Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) and CPR/First Aid
    • Knowledge in child development
    • Professional business contract/policies
    • Health care forms and attendance records
    • Group size ratio
    • Age appropriate interaction and discipline
    • Planned activities and safe equipment
    • Transportation Policy
    • Planned USDA approved meals/snacks
    • Ongoing parent and provider communication
  • Can I do child care on my 2nd floor?

    Each floor or level used for child care shall have at least 2 exits.

    1. The primary exit shall be a door or stairway providing unobstructed travel to the outside of the building at street or ground level. A door or stairway leading to a platform or roof with railings which has an area of at least 25 square feet is at least 4 feet long and is not more than 15 feet above the ground level.

  • Can I travel with my daycare children?

    1. Driver of a vehicle must hold a valid driver’s license and have the vehicle registered in Wisconsin.
    2. Children under the age of 13 may not ride in the front seat of a vehicle.
    3. Each child must be seated and properly restrained in an individual seat belt or, for a child under 8 years old; a safety restraint system must be used.
    4. There must be a written transportation permission slip signed by a parent or guardian on file.
    5. Children may not be left alone in a vehicle.
    6. Providers must comply with all local and state laws: If the provider’s vehicle has a seating capacity of 6 or more passengers plus the driver, the vehicle needs to be equipped with a child safety alarm. ( 2009 WI Act 19)

  • How do I market my child care program?

    When marketing your child care business you should be proactive rather than reactive (have a plan in place that you are constantly working on rather than waiting until you have an opening to consider how to market your child care), get maximum benefit from low cost and first impressions are important. When marketing you need to communicate the benefits of your child care program to the clients who might use your services.

    Following are some ideas on how to market your child care program. See how you can work them into a marketing plan that will help promote and grow your program.

    • Do you have a business name? A business name is a sign of professionalism and a commitment to your work.
    • Do you have voice mail or an answering machine? Put your business name on the message so clients know they have reached the correct number. Check your messages on a regular basis and return phone calls promptly. Keep some type of telephone log or record of calls received from potential clients by the telephone.
    • Print up some business cards. Carry them with you at all times. You never know when or where you will run across a potential client or contact.
    • Print up some business fliers. Distribute to local businesses, schools and community organizations.
    • Print up some door hangers and hang them on doors in neighborhoods near your child care program.
    • Create a brochure on your child care program. Let parents know basic information about your program –name, address, phone number; admission and termination policies; health and vacation policies; activities or curriculum for the children; and a little about yourself – training and experience.
    • Incentives: things that have your child care name imprinted like pens, pencils, key chains, magnets or coupons offering a discount on care. (Good resource for incentives: Oriental Trading)
    • Hold an open house or child care tour
    • Advertising in local newspapers or on local radio or community television stations or telephone book
    • Websites – design your own or advertise on others like Day Care Match or Milwaukee Moms
    • Use your local Resource & Referral Agency to help you get your name out
    • At Halloween attach a business card or wrapper with your child care name and information around the candy that you pass out to the children and post a sign in your window telling parents about your business and if you have any openings.
    • Make sure you tell everyone you meet what you do for a business – Word of Mouth is an important marketing tool. 90% of parents rely on recommendations from relatives, friends and co-workers.
    • Create a Professional Portfolio - Collect all training certificates and put them into some type of binder to show parents at the interview.
    • Join a local Family Child Care Association and network with other professionals. Some groups keep openings lists- providers who have openings so other members can refer potential clients to if they don’t have openings themselves. Waukesha County Family Day Care Association meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month – September to May – at the Waukesha County Administration Building – 320 Pewaukee Road, Waukesha
    • Magnetic sign for your car


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