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Aircraft Management Services: An Incubator for Corporate Aviation

If your organization is longing to leverage corporate aviation to meet the business travel needs of your executives, managers and employees but you’re not quite ready to create a stand-alone flight department, aircraft management companies put business aviation within reach for scores of businesses because of their expertise and ability to manage all the aspects of private aircraft ownership. Let’s explore how working with an aircraft management group can get you closer to reaping the benefits of private air travel.

Creating a Customized Program – Since owning and operating a private jet is far from flying on auto-pilot, outsourcing your corporate aviation needs to an aircraft management group ensures that all the essential elements – technical services, administrative systems, planning, human resource management, logistics and regulations – are handled by seasoned professionals. In fact, aircraft management groups focus specifically on creating customized flight programs for a variety of customers, and since most elements are offered on a variable scale, you can rest assured that your program is tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Controlling the Cost – It’s no secret that the costs associated with developing and maintaining your own corporate flight department are significant, which often takes the possibility of business aviation off the table for many organizations. However, working with an aircraft management company ensures that your costs are controlled. That’s because their staff possesses experience and insight – including intelligent purchasing, technical and industry knowledge – that is designed to reduce your cost of entry yet provide the perfect mix of high-quality services.

Managing Maintenance – Routine maintenance and servicing of an aircraft is of the utmost importance to creating and sustaining a safe flight operation. But lining up dependable technicians and mechanics, keeping tabs on all the maintenance logs and accompanying paperwork can be dizzying at best. Fortunately, enlisting the services of an aircraft management service shifts the burden of maintenance, completing paperwork and ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met to a team that is used to the intricate process.

Calling in the Right Crew Members – In many ways, it takes a small village to successfully execute a corporate flight program, but aircraft management companies make it easy by handling all aspects of recruiting, evaluating and selecting the pilots, mechanics, flight crews and other support staff required. This means that all you and your business travelers need to do is arrive at your chosen airport and enjoy all the benefits that come with putting your corporate travel in the hands of a first-rate flight team.

Straightforward Accounting and Reporting Services – Partnering with an aircraft management service ensures accurate and thorough aircraft operating records – including monthly activity reports, expense summaries and annual budget reports – will be provided to you. Additionally, they will create and file all the documentation and reporting as required by state and federal agencies to keep you and your program in compliance.

Are you ready to put corporate aviation to work for your business? If so, we can help you evaluate the variety of options available, develop a plan that meets your unique needs and connect you to all the
resources you need.

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