• What We Do

    The Adolescent and Family Division of Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services employees’ are Wisconsin state certified Social Workers. The minimum requirement for Social Workers is a bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related field. Many social workers utilize skills gained with advanced degrees. Social Workers utilize motivational interviewing, counseling, case management and trauma informed care strategies in working with youth and families. Social work staff is required to complete continuing education credits in order to maintain their social work license and to remain current in new modes of treatment modalities. WDHHS Social workers are trained in evidence based strategies to meet the needs of the family and youth. Adolescent and Family social workers believe in a strength based and least restrictive approaches to working with families. Social workers conduct home visits, school visits, and office visits. Social workers monitor Juvenile court orders. They act as advocates for youth and families in areas; such as the community, schools, and court. The goal of the Adolescent and Family Division is to keep families together and work through challenging circumstances. Social workers strive to provide culturally competent services and connections to community resources.