• Elder and Disability Benefits Counseling

    Do you...

    Want to know more about private or public benefits? Need help understanding your letters or applying for benefits? Believe you were denied a benefit that you think you are entitled to?

    Benefit Specialists are trained to help individuals who are having a problem with their private or government benefits, by cutting through the "red tape" of the various federal, state and county systems. They can help you figure out what benefits you are entitled to and what you must do to receive them.

    An Elder Advocacy Project attorney is available to provide the Elder Benefit Specialists with program supervision and support. The Disability Benefit Specialists receive legal backup from Disability Rights Wisconsin.

    If you live in Waukesha County and wish to speak with a Benefit Specialist, call the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Waukesha County (ADRC) at (262) 548-7848. If you are homebound, a visit can be arranged in your home.

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