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  • When and where are 4-H Community Club Meetings?
    Each 4-H Community Club has its own meeting date and location. With nearly 30 4-H Community Clubs to choose from in Waukesha County, you should be able to find a location and meeting day that fits into your schedule.

    What do 4-H Community Clubs do at Meetings?
    There are usually five general things that might happen at a 4-H club meeting:  Conduct business meetings, recreation or social activities, project work, community service work, and special interest programs. Sometimes the whole meeting is devoted to one thing. Sometimes they have a short business meeting, work on their projects for a while, and then have recreation.

    How long are 4-H Community Club Meetings?
    Many clubs meet for an hour or two, but it depends on the club’s agenda for the evening.

    Who plans the program for the club?
    Members of the club. If the club is small, this might be done at a meeting of the whole group. If the club is large, ideas come from everybody and a committee puts together a program.


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