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  • Federal Labor Standards
    1. Subgrantee must follow the federal Labor Standards requirements.

    2. SPECIFICATIONS: (a-c must be included in your bid specifications).
      a. Must include prevailing wage rate which you must request from the CDBG Coordinator at least two weeks prior to bidding.
      b. Also must include federal contract provisions which will be forwarded by the CDBG Coordinator with prevailing wage rate. 
      c. Should describe in sufficient detail the work to be completed with specific products to be incorporated or acceptable alternatives.

    3. BIDDING:

      All work MUST BE BID in conformance with federal procurement requirements as follows:
      a. Work to be completed < $2,000 can be obtained through small bid procedures. Three bids (minimum) should be obtained from suppliers, contractors/business to obtain and award lowest bid.
      b. Work estimated at $2,001 - $10,000 may be bid under competitive negotiations. Specifications are developed and sent to a minimum of three (3) contractors to obtain bids. This direct solicitation with award to lowest qualified bidder.
      c. Work over $10,000 must be bid under formal bid procedures including newspaper advertisement along with direct solicitation with award to lowest qualified bidder.
      d. Procedure b and c must indicate that FH/EO and federal prevailing wages are applicable in any bid document.

      a. Is required under formal advertising > $10,000.
      b. Must include the following “payment of federal prevailing wages and FH/EO requirements are applicable.”


      All work over $2,000 requires the payment of federal prevailing wages for work performed. You must:
      a. Request a prevailing wage decision from the CDBG staff at least two weeks prior to bidding for inclusion into the bid specifications document.
      b. Hold a preconstruction conference prior to work beginning for review of federal requirements.
      c. Obtain from contractors weekly payrolls (these can be directly forwarded to the County). 

    6. PAYMENTS:
      a. Payments for work completed are determined by your contract generally at 50% completion and balance when final work approved.
      b. Submit County Reimbursement Form with copy of Contractor invoice.
      c. Payment will be made within 10 days provided payroll forms are completed.
      d. Also forwarded along with initial Payment Request or provide at pre-construction conference.
      1. Bid Summary
      2. Copy of Contractor Contract
      3. Signed Contract Provision Form
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