• Where do I start?

    Participation in 180° Diversion is voluntary. To become eligible, candidates will be referred to the program by a recognized referral source.  Eligible candidates will be those young adults between the ages of 14-20 facing misdemeanor or low-level felony charges. Additionally, candidates must not have a lengthy prior criminal record and/or will be first time offenders. Offenses of a sexual nature, as well as violent felonies, will not be considered.

    Numerous collaborations exist that serve as a recognized source of referrals for 180° Diversion. These individuals/organizations include the Office of the District Attorney, the Department of Health and Human Services, the State Public Defender’s Office, the courts, local law enforcement, private attorney’s, school districts and parents.

    Application Process
    Once referred to 180° Diversion, an application will be sent to participants. The application must be returned to 180° Diversion within 10 business days along with a $25 nonrefundable application fee. If an individual does not complete the application process within the specified time, or declines to participate, he/she will be referred back to the referral source for formal processing.

    Participants complete the program by fulfilling all program requirements (see Mandatory Program Components), remaining drug-free and by making decisions that will not result in subsequent contact with law enforcement and the criminal justice system.  Once a young adult meets all of the program components, he/she will receive a certificate verifying completion.  Upon completion, the organization which referred the young adult to 180º Diversion is notified. 

    If an agreement has been previously reached by the District Attorney’s Office and/or referring organization, formal charges may be reduced and/or dismissed.  The young adults’ records remain clean and they are able to make a fresh start. 

    *Note: It is the responsibility of the referring organization to reach an agreement with all parties involved as to the specific outcome of a participant’s charges upon successful program completion.