• Program specifics

    Initial Interview
    In order to determine if a client is eligible for 180° Diversion services, an in-person interview will be conducted for each individual case. This helps to ensure that the needs of young adults are appropriately matched with the proper interventive/preventive services. Upon receipt of an eligible participant’s application and application fee, an initial interview will be scheduled by 180°  Diversion staff. For applicants age 17 and under, a parent/guardian is REQUIRED to attend the initial interview with his/her child. For applicants who have reached the age of majority, a parent/guardian is ENCOURAGED to attend the initial interview.

    *Note: Upon conclusion of the initial interview and formal acceptance into 180° Diversion, clients should be prepared to make a down payment. (See Program Fees for more information regarding the payment schedule.)

    Once a young adult has been accepted to 180° Diversion, he/she must sign a contract that outlines a specific set of participation agreements. The agreement includes information regarding attitude, confidentiality, dress code, class attendance, assignments, case management, community service, drug screening and payments.  A violation of, or failure to comply with, the contract may result in disciplinary action or removal from the program. 

    Class Sessions
    Participants are required to attend evening classes held 2 nights a week for 2-3 hours, lasting for 12-14 weeks. The foundations of the classes are the Creating Lasting Family Connections (CLFC) and Strengthening Families Program (SFP) curricula which focus on effective communication, alcohol and other drug abuse and strengthening family relationships.

    Additional classes include information about: anger/stress management, budgeting/personal finance, nutrition/wellness, college/continuing education, employment and navigating the court system.  Young adults are separated based on gender, age and level of offense whenever possible.  Program participants and parents evaluate supplemental classes, as well as the primary course, on a regular basis.

    Parent/Guardian Participation
    180° Diversion offers the opportunity for parents/guardians to become actively involved in evening classes and work one-on one with their child. A parent/guardian component, lasting for 4 class sessions, is integrated into the program.  By involving parents/guardians, the program treats a wider social system than just the young adult alone.  The family unit is in a unique position to support their child and work together to help make sure that no new offenses occur. 

    Drug Testing
    Drug testing deters risky behavior, and is used at staff discretion throughout the entirety of the program. Upon acceptance into 180º Diversion, participants will be required to authorize the release of alcohol and drug abuse treatment records. After the authorization paperwork has been submitted, random drug screenings may be requested at any time. A failure to remain drug-free may result in disciplinary action or removal from the program. 

     All costs associated with drug testing are included within the 180° Diversion program fees unless otherwise specified by program staff.

    *Note: Participants who wish to utilize drug testing facilities other than those utilized by the program will need to receive prior approval from 180º Diversion staff. It is the responsibility of the participant to cover all associated costs with alternative facilities for drug testing.

    Case Management
    Program participants are required to schedule case management sessions to allow for 180º Diversion staff to monitor participant progress. Young adults will be required to schedule semimonthly appointments (two times per month) for the duration of the nine-month program either prior to the start date of a class session and/or after the class session ends. Participants will not be required to schedule case management sessions during the 12-14 week class session.

    During case management sessions, young adults will meet with 180º Diversion staff to follow up on the completion of program requirements and other related concerns.  In addition to the community service requirement, any of the following individualized action plans may be required of participants on case by case basis, which will be monitored by program staff: 

    • Academic checks
    • Participation in extracurricular activities
    • Home life and family relationships
    • Referral to counseling/treatment
    • Restorative justice
    • Setting short-term & long-term goals 

      Restorative Justice
      Along with class participation, young adults may be required to participate in restorative justice initiatives whenever applicable. This includes payment of monetary restitution, writing a letter of apology to the victim and/or a Victim Impact Conference.

    For all Victim Impact Conferences, 180º Diversion collaborates with the Mediation and Restorative Justice Center, a program of Wisconsin Community Services. The Mediation and Restorative Justice Center is located as 414 W. Moreland Blvd, Suite 204, Waukesha, WI 53188.

    Community Service
    All participants must complete 40 hours of community service restitution, regardless of their offense.  Community service hours may be completed through county agencies as well as area non-profit organizations.  180º Diversion staff provides support for youth to complete this requirement and class time is devoted to explaining the benefits of community service.  Participants complete the 40 hours outside of class time and have the duration of the 9-month program to fulfill their obligation.

    Program Fees
    180º Diversion is a non-profit organization and is dependent upon program fees and external funds for support.  Participants are charged a $1250 fee and offered payment plans to make their participation financially feasible. The program seeks to help all who are in need.