• Program Overview

    180° Diversion provides a valuable program opportunity for positive change in the lives of young adults who have had contact with law enforcement and the legal system. The agency offers a voluntary alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals ages 17-22, and their families. Through the completion of a strict 9-month program, young offenders will learn from their mistakes, make positive changes in their lives, and take responsibility for their actions.

    How Does 180° Diversion Work?
    180° Diversion builds positive support systems and encourages behavioral changes that will last a lifetime. Through this program, young adults are allowed to earn a second chance.

    The program’s research-based approach is built on a foundation of  family & community involvement, proven methods of diversion from across the U.S. and a solid network of city, county, state and national partnerships. The nine-month process includes:

    • 72 hours of evidence-driven curriculum and life-skills classes
    • A minimum of 40 hours of community service
    • Six months of case management
    • Professional guest speakers and advisers
    • Random Drug testing
    • Restorative justice, in which participants directly address those they have harmed by committing a crime


    Providing valuable life skills
    The 24-session formal class focuses on effective communication, building competencies, strengthening family bonds and substance abuse education. In addition, volunteer guest speakers assist participants with skills such as:

    • Paving the Way to Higher Education
    • Career Development
    • Nutrition & Wellness
    • Financial Management & Education
    • The Effects of Drugs & Alcohol
    • Navigating the Criminal Justice System

    After the class session, participants must demonstrate the skills they have learned by applying them to community service activities. Through these efforts, young offenders are able to make amends to the benefit of the community at large.

    Family Involvement
    180° Diversion recognizes that a family support system is an integral component to diversion efforts. By working together, young adults and their families support each other while completing program requirements and accomplishing identified goals. As a result, 180° Diversion is able to intervene in the lives of Waukesha County young adult offenders and their families at a critical time by providing a variety of interventions designed to meet the individual needs of a particular adolescent. The outcomes for diversion include: 1) an immediate intervention, 2) building stronger families, 3) promoting accountability, 4) being solution-focused, 5) alleviating the impact on the criminal justice system, 6) reduction in young adults re-offending and 7) helping program participants engage in a 180 degree turn towards a positive future.