180° Diversion provides a valuable program opportunity for positive change in the lives of young adults who have had contact with law enforcement and the legal system. The agency offers a voluntary alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals ages 17-22, and their families. Through the completion of a strict 9-month program, young offenders will learn from their mistakes, make positive changes in their lives, and take responsibility for their actions. 

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    WAUKESHA, Wis., April 19, 2012—180° Diversion, a non-profit program for first-time young criminal offenders in Waukesha County’s Executive Director, Brian Scarberry was awarded the Volunteer of the Year at the 2012 United Way of Waukesha County’s annual “Inspired by Example” volunteer recognition event on April 17, 2012. 

    “A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.  In the fulfillment that my staff and I experience as a result of taking part in transitioning young adult lives from downward spirals of self destruction to positive, productive adulthood, the sense of fulfillment that we personally experience doesn’t compare to the time we invest,” said Scarberry during his acceptance speech.

    180° Diversion is holistic, intricate 9-month program that offers the prospect of a second chance to young adults (17-22 yrs) of Waukesha County who have committed a first time misdemeanor or low-level felony. In its unique, brutally honest fashion, participants are challenged to reinvent themselves by voluntarily immersing in a rigorous 12-week, self-examination curriculum followed by 6 months of case management.  Since inception, the 180° program has served over 400 young adults with 89% successfully graduating and all receiving a reduction or dismissal of their criminal charges.  Of the graduating participants, only 12% are reported to reoffend.  It is evident that 180° Diversion proves to be extremely effective in reducing recidivism, thus ensuring the young people of Waukesha County will be better prepared to become healthy, positive and productive members of our community.

    Brian Scarberry and Rebecca Scott  Brian at Volunteer of the Year Recognition Event