Webcast Introduction

Updated: 9/27/2012 01:35:12 PM

Waukesha County now has Webcasts available for viewing. The Webcasts will help you through the process of filling out many of the family forms. The Webcasts are designed to provide you with procedural, not legal, advice. The Family Division may not give legal advice.

The Webcasts are designed for “Helping You Help Yourself In Family Court.” Each Webcast explains the forms and what is requested. The Webcasts also provide you with advice on how to avoid common “mistakes” that parties make in filling out the forms and in filing Motions.

The Webcasts provide you with a lot of instruction and helpful tips. Please take advantage of this exciting new offering.

If you contact the Family Division with questions regarding the forms you will be asked to watch the Webcasts. You can watch the Webcasts on your personal computer or the Family Division has computers you can use to view the Webcasts. If you have questions after watching the Webcasts then please contact an attorney or contact the Family Division to request a 20 minute appointment with Legal Clinic.

Please check back often because we will be adding more Webcasts in the near future. The Family Division asks that after watching the Webcast(s) you please fill out the Exit Survey – this helps us to continually make improvements and we appreciate your help.

The following Webcasts are currently offered

COURTSELFHELP.WAUKESHACOUNTY.GOV Webcast (which all parties should watch)
Stipulation and Order to Change Webcast
Modification/Motion to Change Webcast
Motion to Enforce Physical Placement Webcast
Motion for Contempt Webcast
Financial Disclosure Statement Webcast
Marital Settlement Agreement Webcast
Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Judgment Webcast
Pretrial Checklist Webcast which all parties should watch at least 3 weeks prior to Pretrial.

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