Sec. 7-136

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Waukesha County Ordinances
Chapter 7: Administration

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Division 3. Sheriff's Department

Sec. 7-136. The Commission.

(a) There is created the Sheriffs Civil Service Commission for the purpose of administering a civil service system for the appointment and promotion of deputy sheriffs pursuant to section 59.26(8), Wis. Stats.

(b) The Commission shall consist of five members, all of whom shall be legal residents of Waukesha County. The appointments and terms of the commissioners shall be as provided in section 63.01, Wis. Stats. All persons who are members of the Commission on the effective date of this ordinance shall continue to serve until the expiration of his or her term. A vacancy during a members term shall be filled only for the balance of the term.

(c) The appointing authority shall designate one member of the Commission as chairperson of the Commission, who shall remain chairperson until the expiration of his or her term.

(d) All action of the Commission shall be by a majority of the members present. No meeting of the Commission shall take place unless three or more members are present.

(e) The Commission shall adopt such rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of the applicable state statutes and this ordinance as are appropriate and necessary to secure the best service for Waukesha County in its Sheriffs Department and to promote expedition and to speed the elimination of all unnecessary formalities in making appointments. The rules and regulations shall be consistent with and not in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance.

(f) The members of the Commission shall not receive a salary, but shall be entitled to a per diem as allowed by section 7-94 of the Waukesha County Code of Ordinances.

(g) The Commission shall work with and through the Division of Human Resources of the Waukesha County Department of Administration in carrying out its responsibilities under this ordinance.
(Ord. of 3-28-72, §§ 20, 21; Ord. 155-145, §1, 03-02-2001)

Cross references - Boards and commissions generally, § 4-95 ; merit system board, § 7-178.

State law reference - Civil service commission, Wis. Stat.§ 63.01.