How is YOUR Community Doing?

Updated: 6/16/2014 10:11:36 AM

CARTONS are accepted for recycling!  Click   here  .  And you can  keep CAPS on BOTTLES! Click here.

 How well did your community   RECYCLE  in 2013 and how much  MONEYdid your community make in 2014??  (based on 2013 recycling rates)

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How is your community doing in 2014 ?  

Just How Green Are You?

Resolve to Recycle More in 2013  

- Click  here for a list of what to recycle 


- Benefits of Recycling  (enter site and scroll to "Top 10 Benefits of Recycling" at bottom of page)

- Environmental impacts -  National Recycling coalition calculator

Free recycling bins available at town/village/city hall 

Top 10 reasons to Recycle More:

10.  Keep valuable resources out of the landfill
9.    Reduce dependence on foreign oil
8.    Reduce air and water pollution
7.    Increase cash rebate to my municipality
6.    Conserve natural resources for future generations
5.    Provide materials (feedstock) to companies to make new products
4.    Don't throw away tax dollars
3.   Save energy
2.   Provide jobs
1.   Your mother always said to clean up after yourself! 



A mere 5% increase in recycling will result in over $26,000 more in rebates paid to communities.  This can help maintain services and keep taxes lower.

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