Legacy Forest

Updated: 8/26/2016 04:29:54 PM


Download Legacy Forest Brochure

The Legacy Forest Program gives individuals, families, and organizations the opportunity to enhance the county with commemorative trees that mark various milestones such as a birth, graduation, or wedding.  Planting a tree to memorialize the passing of a beloved relative or friend is a beautiful and thoughtful way to remember them. 

A Legacy Forest is available at all eight County parks, all three golf courses, and at Retzer Nature Center. 

Funds contributed for the planting of a Legacy Tree will go toward purchase, planting and maintenance.  If so desired, by the contributor, a ceremony to celebrate the planting can be accommodated. 

All monetary gifts are tax deductible and will be recognized by a letter of receipt, framed certificate, and a map with the location of the tree. 

For more information please call 262-548-7790.