Caregiver Resources

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Caregiver Resources

The National Family Caregiver Support program was established with the enactment of the Older Americans Act Amendments of 2000.  The 2006 amendments to the Older Americans Act call for the program to provide information, support and assistance to family and friends who help care for:

  • A person age 60 and older
  • A person with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia regardless of age, and
  • Grandparents or relative caregivers 55 years of age and older who are caring for grandchildren under age 18, or who are caring for someone with a severe disability who is 19 to 59 years of age.


Services available through the caregiver support program include:

  • Information to caregivers about available services.
  • Assistance to caregivers in accessing services.
  • Individual counseling, organization of support groups, and caregiver training to assist caregivers in making decisions and solving problems relating to their caregiving roles.
  • Respite care to enable caregivers to be temporarily relieved from their caregiving responsibilities, whether their loved one is elderly or a grandchild.
  • Supplemental services on a limited basis to complement the care provided by the caregiver  

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The first step for receiving assistance with caregiving is to contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Waukesha County (ADRC) by calling (262) 548-7848 or 1-800-677-2372.  If you need assistance beyond the ADRC, The Caregiver Connection is available to help.  With assistance from United Way in Waukesha County, a group of organizations, including the ADRC, have partnered with caregivers to help those helping others.  Depending on your level of needs, The Caregiver Connection can help you navigate the system, access assistance, and utilize specialized services for caregivers, all at no charge for Waukesha County residents.  The Caregiver Connection was created to help caregivers self-identify themselves as the actual caregiver, promote awareness of the many resouces and support available, and to make sure all the needs of the caregiver are met. 

Alzheimer's Association at the ADRC  The Alzheimer's Association is here to assist you in your journey.  Whether you have memory loss or are a caregiver, the Alzheimer's Association can provide you with help.  Meetings with the Alzheimer's Association are available at the ADRC of Waukesha County.  There is no cost for the service.  Call the ADRC at (262) 548-7848 to arrange an appointment.

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