Guardian ad Litem Procedures in Family and Paternity cases

Updated: 10/24/2016 04:11:58 PM

Waukesha Family Division Judges, Commissioners, and staff have teamed up with the Circuit Court Business Center and the Family section of the County Bar to develop new Guardian ad Litem procedures.  New procedures have been rolled out incrementally since the late fall of 2012 and beginning June 3, 2013 all GALs will be expected to become familiar with the new procedures and begin incorporating the new deposit and payment practices in their case appointments going forward.

Business Center staff will be available during the week of June 3 in the County Board Room between 11:30 and 1:30 to answer questions from GALs or their Administrative staff on the new procedures.  Additionally, all the related materials needed to understand and transition into the new procedures are available through the following links:

Introductory Memo to GALs:

Documents outlining the new Practices, FAQ's, and Contact Info for Court staff and to materials on the Clerk of Court website:

Read-only Copies of specific Court generated Orders for litigants and for GAL appointments:

Down-loadable Copies of GAL generated Orders and Letters: