• What we do

    The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Waukesha County (ADRC) is a single access point for publicly funded long term care in Waukesha County. The ADRC provides information, assistance, counseling and supportive services for older adults age 60 and above; caregivers; adults with physical or developmental disabilities; and adults with mental health or substance abuse concerns.

    What we do:
    • Provide a welcoming, accessible place where older adults and adults with disabilities can go for any information, advice, and help in accessing services
    • Provide one central source of reliable and objective information about a broad range of community resources of interest to elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities
    • Help individuals to understand the various long-term care options available to them
    • Enable individuals to make informed, cost-effective decisions about long term care
    • Help individuals conserve their personal resources, health and independence
    • Reduce the demand for public funding for long-term care by delaying or preventing the need for potentially expensive long-term care
    • Help individuals apply for eligibility for programs and benefits, and use their community’s resource
    • Serve as a single access point for publicly funded long term care

    Programs operated by the ADRC are supported, in part, by funds provided by the State of Wisconsin Bureau on Aging and Long Term Care Resources and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources (GWAAR).


    Waukesha County is committed to serving adults and their families with issues of aging and/or disability. We will provide information, assistance, and education to promote independence and improve quality of life, while offering choices to the consumer. Our goal is to advocate for and affirm the rights, dignity, and value of individuals served while limiting risk to those most vulnerable.