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    News & Events

      Retzer Environmental Learning Center Remodel - Frequently Asked Questions                                   
      July 20th
    2nd Annual Land Conservation Teacher Tour (registration closed)
    July 27th   Hartland Kids' Day                              
      August 5th
      Jammin on Janesville                              
      August 18th  Project WET Training for Teachers 

    Did You Know........

    • Only empty aluminum/metal cans and pots & pans are recyclable at the curb!  Take all other metal items (including car/truck chains) to a municipal drop-off site or a scrap dealer.
    • NO PLASTIC BAGS in curbside recycling even if they are numbered 1,2,4,5 or 7.  Take to stores that recycle bags e.g. Walmart, Kohls, Pick n Save, etc. 
    • Plastic items without numbers are NOT recyclable - put in trash. ONLY #s 1, 2, 4, 5, 7.  NO OTHER PLASTICS!!
    • Plastic items larger than a standard laundry basket are not recyclable even if they are #1,2,4,5 or 7; conveyor lines cannot handle larger items.
      • Donate or trash as a last resort. 
    • Plastic caps with metal coating are not recyclable - put in trash.
    • Plastic caps without metal coating are recyclable but MUST be left on bottle/jar.
    • Vinyl siding and hoses are not recyclable.
    • Only glass bottles, jars & jugs are recyclable.  Drinking glasses, mirror glass, broken glass are not recyclable - put in trash. 


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