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    The Engineering Division is responsible for the Planning, Design and Construction of County Highway Improvement projects. The Division also provides access and utility permitting services, and engineering support for bridge inspection, traffic control, survey, and citizen inquiries. 


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     Waukesha County highways These roadways bear a "letter" name • eg "Highway V"   WaukeshaCounty.gov 
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    ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS by Waukesha County DPW: construction projects • paving program

     Construction projects view map of all project locations

     Road*   Start and End points  Municipality  Construction dates** Road closed?  Project manager 
     *CTH = County Trunk Highway click to view map of all project locations     **dates subject to change    click to email • scroll down for phone contact
    CTH C • Genesee St Mill St to Oakwood Dr City of Delafield  June - November 2016 open  Ed Hinrichs 
    CTH NN  STH 83 to CTH ES Village of Mukwonago June - September 2016 open  Ed Hinrichs   
    CTH YY • Pilgrim Rd   Burleigh Rd intersection  City of Brookfield  2017  closed  Ed Hinrichs  
    CTH JJ • Bluemound Rd Silvernail Rd intersection  City of Waukesha  May - September   open  Bruce Barnes 
    CTH P • N Sawyer Rd Bark River bridge  Village of Summit  June - Dec 2016; May-June 2017  closed - May 1 to June 1 approx (view detour) Kevin Yanny 
    West Bypass  STH 59 to I-94  City of Waukesha  2017-18  open  Gary Evans 
    CTH Q • County Line Rd  Oconomowoc River bridge  Towns of Merton, Erin  2018  closed  Kevin Yanny 
    CTH I • Beloit Rd CTH ES to CTH O  City of New Berlin  2017  closed  Gary Evans, Karen Braun 
    CTH I • River Rd  Ehr Dr to Point Dr Town of Vernon  2018  TBD  Jim Soehner 
    CTH V V • Silver Spring Dr  Lilly Rd intersection  Village of Menomonee Falls  2017  open  Kevin Yanny 
    CTH V V • Silver Spring Dr  CTH E intersection  Town of Merton  2018  open  Bruce Barnes 
    CTH KF • Ryan Rd CTH JK intersection  City of Pewaukee  2018  open   Ed Hinrichs  
    CTH CI  County line to STH 67  Towns of Eagle, Ottawa  2017  open   Steve Brasch 
    CTH M • North Ave CTH YY to east county line  City of Brookfield   2020  open   Ed Hinrichs 
    2017 Culvert Replacements  countywide  various  TBD  open   Steve Brasch 
    2017 Paving Program countywide - see below various  various June - Aug 2017 open   Steve Brasch 

    Paving Program 2017view map of all program locations

     RoadStart and End points approxMunicipality  Paving dates Road closed?Project Manager 
     *CTH = County Trunk HighwayClick to view map of all paving locations  contact us for details Use caution: flaggers at work - lane closures Click to email • Scroll down for phone contact
     CTH ESTH 16 to CTH Q  Town of Merton June - Aug 2017 openSteve Brasch 
     CTH PCTH B to STH 16  Town of Oconomowoc June - Aug 2017  openSteve Brasch 
     CTH YCTH K to CTH V V  Village of Sussex June - Aug 2017  openSteve Brasch 
     CTH CTH W to STH 74 Village of Menomonee Falls June - Aug 2017 openSteve Brasch 
     CTH YMenomonee Ave to CTH Q  Village of Menomonee Falls June - Aug 2017 openSteve Brasch 
     CTH Racine Ct to STH 164/59  City of New Berlin  June - Aug 2017  openSteve Brasch  

    Note: Project info is subject to change. Contact us anytime to confirm and discuss; click on name of project manager (above) or phone us at the number below! 

    More: Your Wisconsin DOT also plans road projects in Waukesha County. View project details: projects.511wi.gov

    County Highway M is scheduled for a large reconstruction project.
    View details, impacts, and info sessions at www.NorthAvenueReconstruction.org.
    West Bypass construction begins in 2017.
    For more information, visit www.WaukeshaBypass.org
    Check traffic, winter road conditions, and more at Wisconsin DOT 511 at www.511WI.gov

    Waukesha County bridge aid is available to towns for projects involving repair or replacement of existing culverts, box culverts, and bridges that meet requirements of Waukesha County DPW.

    View program guidelines