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Stipulation & Order to Change a Court Order or Judgment

A stipulation is a formal written agreement between parties to change a current court order or judgment.  Because this is a stipulation, neither party will have to appear in court.   If this agreement is approved and signed by the judge, it becomes a court order. 


  1. If your are attempting to convert your legal separation to a divorce, please click here.

Note: Changes may not be made to the document once a party has signed it. If a change must be made after one or both parties have signed it, the changes must be initaled and dated by both parties.  If you have signed the Stipulation but will not be the party submitting it to the court for signature, it is recommended that you make a copy for your records after you sign it.

Below you will find the Instructions and all the forms you will need to get from the beginning to the end of this court process.  You have the option to:

  • Print the forms in PDF or
  • Complete the Word Fillable forms on-line

Please keep in mind that not all forms are due at the same time. Review the Instructions (we recommend that you print it and keep it with your papers) to determine in what order to complete each form and other tasks required.

Hint: ONLY COMPLETE THE TASKS IN THE ORDER THEY ARE LISTED-Read ahead, but do not work ahead.

Stipulation Packet (When filing a Motion that includes Property Division please indicate this on the Motion)





 Instructional Guide

FA-604 Stipulation and Order to Amend Judgment for Support/ Maintenance/ Custody/ Placement


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